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Started by Wilwa, Sep 27, 2020, 11:30 pm

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I'm on Basilisk

If I update a resource on SWGCraft, does SWGAide pick that up that change? If it does, what's the timeline on the sync, is it every day, week, etc?

I updated
Sreidi   Tatooinian Animal Bones   303   283   645   435   558
Sreidi   Tatooinian Animal Bones   383   283   645   435   558

when will SWGAide pick this up? Or does it not?

Also, I pulled a list of all Tatooine Animal Bones from SWGAide thinking it would be the same as SWGCraft's list.  However, I found the resource Xihi missing from SWGAide, but it's been on SWGCraft since 2019.

I know on SWGCraft I have to post on the forum to get a resource removed (example: Daymaupex is also entered in as Daymaupax) - so, if that gets removed on SWGCraft, does SWGAide also remove it?

Basically, I'm trying to do some cleanup and trying to figure out if I need to do it in both places or if SWGAide will automatically pick up the changes I make on SWGCraft.



Account sync is just for reporting new in spawn resources, when reported on aide it will be reported to craft within an hour, account sync gives you credit at craft for it vs my default account.

Historical data is not exported, none of the sites share historicals via automation, way too much processing.

Stats are not compared in the feeds. At most missing planets on the spawn would be dealt with. The feeds from all sites are all "current" in spawn.
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