What to Harvest Today

Started by Siymon, Feb 05, 2022, 09:42 pm

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Did a brief scan of the forums and didn't see anything directly related.  I am an old user of the Fooman /Jenner / SoleJack too.  There was a great feature that would compare your existing resources to what was currently in spawn and let you know if it was something that was better than what you have.  I just got to Finaizer so pretty much everything is getting better and better at this point but it is hard to keep track manualy with so many SB's comming around every few days.  All that to ask:

Is there a way in the app to see a report like this. I just got my resoruces loaded today, but I don't see a function like this to help me with "this is better than what you have, or you have none of this type, better get it".  If I am missing this please help edcate me.



The "Todays Alert" tab in the swgaide desktop app will give you some of this info, it also has guards you can put in place. Some video tuts here: https://swgaide.com/swgaide_video_tutorials.html
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Have had a few weeks to work with the desktop app.  I love what it does.  I do believe that my suggestion above would be a great addition to the project.  Looking at the repo, does not look like there has been a lot of action. Do you take user PR's as enhamcments / fixes.