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PhilosophySWG Restoration 35995
AdorkSWG Beyond4521
AdlogoSWG Beyond3314
StathisSWG Legends1955
ForgottenSWG Legends1618
DuskkSWG Restoration 31492
dofeySWG Legends944
jchenryNew Beginnings II784
RinnaSWG Restoration 3621
ZukoHereSWG Legends474

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SWG Beyond [nge]684
SWG Restoration 3 [nge]582
SWG Legends [nge]559
New Beginnings II [nge]86
Finalizer [precu]4

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SWG Beyond [nge]684
New Beginnings II [nge]670
SWG Evolve [nge]667
SWG Restoration 3 [nge]582
SWG Legends [nge]571
SR Alderaan [precu]462
Star Wars Galaxies Awakening [precu]458
SWG A New Hope [precu]458
SWG Reckoning [precu]457
SWG Infinity [precu]455
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