SWGAide-Unity Download and Installation

Formerly SWGAIde-NGE, "SWGAide-Unity" supports ALL game flavors, PRECU, NGE and custom schematics.


Grab a current copy of SWGAide-Unity.exe from the releases area: https://github.com/twistedatrocity/SWGAide-NGE/releases

Create a new folder for SWGAide-Unity, anywhere you want.

Drag and drop the SWGAide-Unity.exe file in to the new folder.

Double click the icon for SWGAide-Unity.exe to launch it.

SWGAide guides you through its initialization. Actually, you just have to choose the game folder SWG is installed in; you cannot make a useful installation of SWGAide without SWG installed.

SWGAide creates several folders and files its directory; they are all self explanatory.

Note: The Pre-CU version of SWGAide cannot live in the same folder as this NGE one, please use separate installation folders.

First time run

SWGAide tries to find all characters, however sometimes it can only find characters who have saved mails. To be able to read game-mails in SWGAide you must, in-game and for each character, execute the command,


After some time a SWG system message tells how many mails that were saved. The more mails to save the longer delay as they are retrieved on demand one by one. Thus, retain only important mails in game, delete the rest. Once they are saved to disk it is safe to delete in-game mails.

NOTICE: If the system message about saved mails never shows up then there are some old or corrupt mails which the in-game mail client cannot retrieve. In SWG, open the mail client, select a mail one at a time beginning with the oldest. If the mail body never shows up, delete the mail since it is corrupt at the server. Continue until the system message shows up. Or, if you have no valuable mails, use the command


NOTE: when you edit a notes files, you cannot have the very same file open in-game while editing it outside of game. The outside edits are overwritten by the game when you close the notepad.

Again, when you have questions about something in SWGAide, navigate to the related panel and press F1, or select Help. Help is context sensitive. During initiation all help files are copied to a "docs" folder as web pages.

The Main panel's left-hand side displays

  1. stations (accounts)
  2. galaxies at which you have a character, or have had
  3. files such as aliases, macros, and notes files

Once you have a character selected, begin to just play around; try to right click at various GUI elements.

When you have a question, press F1 at the keyboard, or select "Help".

Bug Reports and Issues

All bug reports, issues, or feature requests can be made through github https://github.com/twistedatrocity/SWGAide-NGE/issues

Alternatively you may post on our forums or discord.


For updates all you need to do is download a new copy of the exe replacing the old one.

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