SWGAide 0.1.21 released

Started by Mr-Miagi, Jun 27, 2019, 06:25 am

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Jun 27, 2019, 06:25 am Last Edit: Jul 04, 2019, 07:32 pm by Mr-Miagi
Link to release on github:  https://github.com/twistedatrocity/SWGAide-NGE/releases

# Important: Backup your inventory and harvesters to CSV before upgrading.

## Upgrade Procedure
* Backup your inventory to CSV if you wish to keep it after the update (optional if you dont have inventory don't worry about it)
* Export your harvesters (if you have them) by right clicking in the upper left pane of the Harvester Tab and select Export. Be sure to make note of where the file was saved.
* Also optionally make a backup copy of your swgaide.dat file somewhere on your PC for safekeeping.
* Create an account on https://swgaide.com/forum/  (your forums credentials will be used in SWGAide
* Download the new exe and replace your existing exe.
* Open up aide, it will go thru an upgrade procedure and ask you to restart
* Restart Aide, now you should open the SWGAide options menu at the top and input your new credentials and click Verify, on success click Save and close the window.
* At this point you have a fully functional aide... if you need your inventory back proceed:
  * In inventory tab right click the empty area and select Restore from CSV... choose the file you used for the backup and then wait for it to process all items.
  * If you had harvesters you can re-import them in the Harvester tab by clicking in the upper left pane and selecting Import.

## Known Issues
* Due to the nature of the upgrade, existing Monitors had to be cleared. If you had monitors you will need to recreate them. Apologies for this but to convert them would have taken much longer dev time.
* Any active harvesters you had will need to be replanted on a resource after the update. Sorry for the inconvenience.
* AVAST A/V still flags this exe... it's the ONLY AV that flags it, I assure you it's a false positive. Just whitelist it and wait like 5 minutes for it to ok it.

## Future Plans
* It's planned that when craft API is functional again to have account linking within swgaide.com to report on your behalf to craft (in addition to aide). Also if it's feasible it's planned to at least look into this with GH as well.
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