Anything I try to add on Restoration 3 with a 3 letter name is rejected

Started by theorb, Jun 07, 2021, 07:53 pm

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This morning, when I went to replace a depleted resource on Dantooine on Restoration 3, the name "Oki" was rejected as a resource that already existed. Except, nothing comes up if you search for "Oki". After testing it a bit, I discovered that at least in desktop mode, it seems to be impossible to add any resource that is only 3 letters long. It always says the resource name already exists. Looking at the recently added resources list, it looks like I'm not the only one with the issue, it seems another user has been getting around it mostly involving organic resources by just duplicating the last letter of the resource.


As I said on Res3, please do not add a 4th letter, this will cause problems down the road. Someday Res3 will have a spawn with that 4 letter name, in this instance "Okii", but trying to enter it here, or at SWGCraft, will give the "that name is already in use" error.


Well, it appears nobody else has a solution, because we continue to get 3 letter resources and the people adding them are continuing to add letters to get around the problem. We now have "Umoo", standing in for "Umo" and also, "Umolubricatingoil", the same resource. In my opinion, the best workaround would be that if "Umoo" or "Okii" actually spawned as a real resource, we could just keep adding more and more repeated letters on the end. But fixing the problem soon instead would at least let people go back into the historical resource list while it's still fairly small and edit all of the names that have obviously been added to Resto 3 that shouldn't have a repeated letter on the end.


The ajax side of the web forms were still limiting to 4 characters. I have changed this to 3. Should be able to add 3 letters resources via the web form now.
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