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Started by Jack Jacobs, Nov 29, 2021, 05:46 pm

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Jack Jacobs

Ive wanted to play this game since the early 2000's, never had the means to do so and by the time i did........... wtf do you mean its shutdown.............. so now i have SWG R3 all plugged in an purring along........... and i dont know wtf i am doing!!!! can youtube guides for the old SWG still be used? or is R3 a lot different now? are there any guilds or groups to join? i could us some directing!!! i just need a little info on what comes next! doing a quest to fly patrols and cant find the damndol ship im supposed to fly!!! Any help would be gratefully appreciated!!! thanks



Hey Jack, welcome.  In addition to Duskk, you can /t Juspar  or Jusparina in game if you want any help.  There are lots of people around to guide you if you ask.  Look for the (Helper) tag above their heads