[Finalizer] Resources -> Harvesting about Owner Efficiency Question

Started by giustra01, Jan 12, 2022, 08:46 am

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Hi i really like the Desktop App very convienent.

I am just curious about the Efficieny Rate for Owners since Pre-Cu doesn't have that but not i am sure..

I set it all to 0 for my Crafting Toon, and the Actual Extraction Rate is higher (6.2) then what is currently Ingame (4.81).
Not sure if i messed up my Harvester Settings but the BER is [9] and Server Mod [1.0]

If anyone can give me some Advice on this it would be greatly appreciated. :D


Fixed it, had to reassign Resource to Harvester with New Owner since it did not Update the Charachter Effiency with 0, now it shows the Correct Information.  ;D