Guards for Domestics Trader

Started by Tharianus, Feb 14, 2022, 06:27 am

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Hello and first of All thank you for your hard work on this (Miagi) appreciate

I recently returned to SWG - last time i played Was on life servers and i have a blast with legends right now.

I was not so much into crafting on life altough i did some Reverse Engineering (i know the basics/essentials of crafting) and i decided i give crafting on legends a real shot now.

So i grinded my trader Switched it to domestics and i read that there are premade guards (probably the best thing to do for a relatively new Player like me to use guards from a seasoned crafter) for swgaide So you can keep Track of the resources you need for your crafts. Well the Problem is the links to those guards are all dead (YT guide Video description links).

So yeah i watched the Video tutorials for swgaide, too and i try to figure it out step by step - but any help would be appreciated of course (if you guys still have guards for a domestics trader).

Thanks guys