Previously unobtainable creature resources are now obtainable

Started by LorienQuin, Jul 18, 2022, 01:11 pm

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This may already have been discussed here, and if it has, please forgive me. It has not been fixed.

All creature resources labelled in the description on this website as "obtainable only by the free resource pack" (paraphrasing) are now harvestable through the new SWGLegends ranching system.

Mutation injectors included in the update can be used to alter a creature producing any naturally occurring resource to a planet that previously did not have that creature resource available. Kashyyykian Domestic Milk is an example. To harvest this resource, tame a Talusian Domestic Milk producing creature, then mutate it to "be from" Kashyyyk. It will produce domestic milk previously obtainable only from a resource crate, thought the domestic milk it produces will be the current spawn for the planet.

The description after each previously unobtainable resources should be changed to reflect "only available from a crate of resources or through a SWGLegends ranching planetary mutation", or something similar.


The main reason is this website and app serves all SWG servers not just Legends. Back in the day SWG was SWG, now with the many servers out there doing their own things it's very difficult to maintain consistency as a 3rd party service and a lot of work to do one offs. Thus several things like you have mentioned, as well as say just for example resource caps and classes generally remain "vanilla" on the site and the app. Yes this means crafters need to figure things out a little more based on what server they are playing on, but on the other hand SWG has always been a figure it out kind of game too.

Not saying this would never be done, it's just a ton of work to do in overhauling baked in stuff for one server.
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