SWGAide window inactive after adding resource to havester panel

Started by KoalaAssassin, Jun 15, 2022, 04:28 am

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Hi, the app for me has started going non-responsive if I add a resource by right-click "Add to harvester panel"

Is there a debug or error loggin I can turn on to try and work out what the root cause is ?

Update: I found it fast to wipe my install and setup again. Seems OK for harvesters if I manually re-create. Importing the harvesters had a bug(?), where they did not appear selectable in the dropdown list when adding a resource to the harvester panel.
Similarly, if I imported the guards not all of them seemed to be active excepting the first one. I know we have poly available and it shows in the filtered list if I click the guard, but it does not change colour or issue the audible alarm (I'll try deletion and recreating this one too).