[Finalizer] Resources -> Harvesting about Owner Efficiency Question

Started by giustra01, Jan 12, 2022, 08:46 am

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Hi i really like the Desktop App very convienent.

I am just curious about the Efficieny Rate for Owners since Pre-Cu doesn't have that but not i am sure..

I set it all to 0 for my Crafting Toon, and the Actual Extraction Rate is higher (6.2) then what is currently Ingame (4.81).
Not sure if i messed up my Harvester Settings but the BER is [9] and Server Mod [1.0]

If anyone can give me some Advice on this it would be greatly appreciated. :D


Fixed it, had to reassign Resource to Harvester with New Owner since it did not Update the Charachter Effiency with 0, now it shows the Correct Information.  ;D


I'm wondering how to change the maintenance rate? My power consumption for my harvester is correct but the maintenance rate is far too low and SWGAide believes my harvesters can run for much longer than I've put credits in for. My owner is all set to 0.


As far as I can tell, SWG Aide operates with exactly half the current maintenance rate of SWGEmu Finalizer. Also other sources (like SWGCraft.co.uk) does this, actually leading me to suspect that the maintenance rate is wrongly implemented in the Emu. At any rate, to get the estimated end date right in SWGAide, simply enter half of the maintenance credits that you actually put in the harvester.