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Started by KoalaAssassin, May 28, 2022, 04:49 am

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Hi, installed today and I hoped to use the program to build lists of materials to make specific droids.
For example I wanted to make a list for the bits I'd need for a Mining Droid MK3 with +60 hand sample, so I know what to be on the lookout for.

Does the program allow for me to specify the the parts I want to use in a favorites group including numbers ?:
Deed - Mining MK3
DroidBrainADV(4x ElectGPModule,4x ElectMemoryModule),
SocketCluster#1(DroidBrain,3x DroidModule-HandSample),
SocketCluster#2(DroidBrain,3x DroidModule-HandSample),

I 'think' I need to manually add all the parts in separately to the favorites group but I cannot specify numbers of said parts.

Trying to muddle through, but in case there was an easier way I wanted to check here.

Thanks in advance.


The favorites list is more for resource finding, only one of each schem allowed per list. This is so you can easily click a fav list in the schematics area, lab or todays alert to see to quickly find them to view and test resource qualities.
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