SWGAide window inactive after adding resource to havester panel

Started by KoalaAssassin, Jun 15, 2022, 04:28 am

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Hi, the app for me has started going non-responsive if I add a resource by right-click "Add to harvester panel"

Is there a debug or error loggin I can turn on to try and work out what the root cause is ?

Update: I found it fast to wipe my install and setup again. Seems OK for harvesters if I manually re-create. Importing the harvesters had a bug(?), where they did not appear selectable in the dropdown list when adding a resource to the harvester panel.
Similarly, if I imported the guards not all of them seemed to be active excepting the first one. I know we have poly available and it shows in the filtered list if I click the guard, but it does not change colour or issue the audible alarm (I'll try deletion and recreating this one too).


I found a solution in deleting the application files and directories and starting again.

1. Exported the harvesters and guards.
2. Deleted all directories and SWGAIDE.DAT
3. Re-installed, and imported my harvesters and guards

right click add to harvester panel seems to be working again.


Something must have gotten corrupted in the DAT file. Glad you figured it out. Sorry for late response, been busy as heck.
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