SWGAide Help - Depleted Resources

This panel — "Depleted Resources" — displays resources that players recently have marked as depleted at SWGAide.com. The displayed information is extracted by SWGAide from resource files that are downloaded earlier, hence this panel requires that you run SWGAide fairly often.

Depletion Dates — By default the list is ordered by recent dates first. However, remember that dates are estimated, not exact. The exact dates are not published anywhere, players like you and me report or do not report to SWGAide.com often enough, and even so, depletion dates are not exported, they are estimated by SWGAide.

SWGAide sets the depletion time stamp in two fashions,
- 1: when you submit to SWGAide that resources are depleted
- 2: when SWGAide compares the most recent download with local data and there are differences
In both cases SWGAide sets the depletion date to the current date, which always lags behind the real date, more or less. Furthermore, in the second case it all depends on when you last launched SWGAide and when you last browsed the displayed galaxy.

Notice: If you have not run SWGAide in several days the time stamp may be off. If there exist no local resource data there is nothing to compare with, and this panel is empty. SWGAide never retains resource information longer than ten days, if you have not run SWGAide for some time this panel is probably empty.

Right-click the table to access the options provided with this panel. To clear selected table rows, press "Alt-C".

Write — Select this option to write the list of depleted resources to file. SWGAide writes to notes file or to a file in SWGAide's "misc" foldet which is set by options explained below. To write just one, or a block of resources, select them at the table and then use this option.

Option: Limit days... — Select this option to open a dialog where you can specify a limit for the output at the next dialog, default is 3 days.

Option: File/Notes > — For any write-option, select if SWGAide should write to
- 1) a file in SWGAide's folder, to [SWGAide]\misc\depleted_[galaxy].txt ... or to
- 2) a notes file named depleted.txt  in your current station (account) which you open in game with the command /note depleted

Option: Auto-Write — Enable this check-box and SWGAide automatically writes depleted resources to file — just for the main galaxy, specified at menu Options » SWGAide... — each time you submit resource data to SWGAide.com and whenever SWGAide downloads resource data from SWGAide.com. The output is always written to the file [SWGAide]\misc\depleted_[galaxy].txt and the output is limited by the option for days (above). This file writes to file also if no resources have been depleted within the time frame.

Revive... — Even a genius makes mistakes and sometimes a player wrongly reports a resource as depleted. Select this option to revive the resource at SWGAide.com. Information on success or failure is written to SWGAide's log file.

Add to Inventory... — Select this to conveniently add a resource to SWGAide's Resource Inventory after it is depleted; perhaps you had it in a backpack and forgot to add it while it was spawning.

Filter Inventory... — Select a resource at the table and then this option to filter SWGAide's Resource Inventory for the resource's specified class. This is a convenience to easily find the depleted resource in the inventory, if it is entered; in any case its cousins are listed.

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