SWGAide Help — Resource Class Info & Caps

This panel displays various information about the resource classes in SWG, currently just caps are visualized. The data at these pages are compiled from a variety of sources and is also available at SWGAide.com. Feel free to suggest additions or to provide further data at SWGAide.

At the left-hand tree of resource classes, expand a class to display its sub-classes. Currently this tree only supports mouse clicks to expand/collapse the nodes.

Only stats that are expected for its resource class are rendered and their upper and lower caps are presented. The colored background visualize as well the lower as the upper cap. Notice how some resource classes within a group, such as Iron, improve their stats from low to highest possible for the "parent" class.

Coloring: – Expected stats are rendered at the "Great" color background which you decide at the Current Resources panel. However, JTL resource classes are rendered at a somewhat darker shade. Creature resource which are not possible to harvest naturally in the worlds are rendered at a bluish shade.

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