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This section of SWGAide presents you with a feature to easily submit a single resource, or to submit several resources in a semiautomated fashion which useful for the players who manually update SWGAide.com with for example creature resources. No copy & paste, just a few mouse clicks plus editing an in-game notes file.

If you are looking for help on using ISDroids there is a help file dedicated to that panel here.

With the feature for multi-submit you can write a set of resources to an in-game notes file named "rem.txt". Then, in game, you look them up with for example a 30k resource crate to see if there is any action required, see further down. The output always includes stat-less resources, no matter their age but possibly filtered on resource class or planet.

Mandatory resource classes — these are resource classes that are always in spawn in SWG; each of these classes always has one and only one resource in spawn; they are:

  • all of Organic
  • all Fiberplast
  • all JTL

Organic and Fiberplast are also planetary and SWGAide automatically selects the correct planet. When you submit mandatory resources to SWGAide the older counterparts are automatically marked as unavailable.

For the resource class or planet that is filtered for, if mandatory resources are missing at SWGAide.com they are always written to the notes file.

Summary: the resource-class/planet and the age filters allow you to focus on a small, manageable set of resources and only if you find that a resource is new, replaced, or depleted you need take action. — This text is referred to later in this document.

Single input / Edit

The upper panel has two distinct functions:
1 — submit a single resource to SWGAide.com
2 — edit an entry that is selected at the list of multiple resources; assuming that you have loaded a notes file.

The input fields for planets and for resource class support abbreviated input and the result is displayed just under the input fields.

Resource names requires you to be careful, a spelling error will block a future submission to SWGAide.com for that name ... until it is corrected by the moderators.

Stats are optional, you can submit a resource without stats and complement the resource later on; it is better to submit without stats than not or several hours later. Type only the stats which are displayed in-game and in the same order as you read them. When a resource class is selected the expected stats are displayed under the input field. Errors are displayed in red above the input fields, usual errors are: values outside the caps for the resource class, too few or too many values, or input that is not a number.

Once resource data are entered and no error is displayed, click Submit to upload the single resource to SWGAide.com; see a later paragraph on similar names.
If you rather are editing an entry that you selected at the list of multiple resources this button is named Apply.

Multiple resources

The center and bottom section of this panel are used for submitting a batch of several resources. For this feature you create an in-game notes file named "rem.txt" which you update in-game. First a walk-through:

1 — Prepare the notes file

a – Filter on resource class, planet, or stat-less to narrow down the set of resources to handle. The stat-less filter writes all resources that are listed at SWGAide.com without stats.

b – Limit on age to narrow the set even more. Default age is 6 days which is the minimum lifetime for all resources in SWG, except that JTL resources are 13 days. Default is fine for all mandatory resources but for all other classes you may want to use 0 days to be able to see what is reported and what is not.

c – Write to "rem.txt" for in-game editing. If the notes file is not empty a dialog displays with the options to Erase, Append, or Cancel. The option to Append makes it possible to apply one filter after the other and append to the file. Resources are written to the file in the same order as their resource classes are listed in the 30k resource crate to make it the easier to look them up.

2 — In-game, edit the notes file

This far you have a notes file that is named "rem.txt". The file contains current, missing, and so called stat-less resources; they have three different looks:

     Resourcename , Resource Class, (age, nbr of days)
     Resourcename , Resource Class, add-stats
      , Resource Class, 

— the first look is for current resources and it reads their age; find out if they are replaced
— the second look is for resources which are reported without stats; add stats if you can
— the third look is for mandatory resources where none is listed at SWGAide; add the resource if you can

a — Open the notes file with the command /notes rem — notice that you must not type the file suffix ".txt", otherwise you creates a file named "rem.txt.txt". The header of the notes file reads today's date and a brief help text, do not edit this header. These are the possible actions:

b — Verify that the header of the notes file reads today's date. If you need it also reads a brief help text. Do not edit this header.

c — Edit the notes file; while looking up the resources you will find that these are the possible actions (lookup is easiest via a 30k resource crate):

Unchanged resources
no action required, leave them as-is, SWGAide ignores these — this is the most common case
Replaced resources
replace the name and add stats but leave the resource class — only mandatory resource classes are replaced, all other classes are either new or depleted
Missing resource classes
add name and add stats but leave the resource class
New resources
at a new line you add name, resource class, and stats — the format is
planet1, planet2, name, resource class, stats
Depleted resources
type "depl," just before the resource name, without quotes — for mandatory resources, see above
Stat-less resources
replace "add-stats" with the stats
Rectify resource stats
erase the age and add the stats; leave resource name and class as-is
Rectify resource name
specify the correct name together with the old name — the format is (notice the two = signs)
If the difference in names is to large SWGAide ignores the suggested name, you must correct this at SWGAide.com.

For your convenience SWGAide supports the delimiters " .,:;" (quotes excluded) but between name and resource class you must use a comma sign.

d — Close the in-game notes editor so that the file is saved to disk. If you leave the editor open and read or edit it outside SWG the outcome is undefined and the data is lost or corrupt.

Remember that SWGAide supports abbreviated input for planet names and resource classes, that planets of planetary resources are automatically handled, and that resource names are properly capitalized by SWGAide.

Examples of valid input lines:

    Corellia Rori Yavin, Amaraz, Lubricating Oil, 789 963
    c, r, y, amaraz, lu oil, 789 963
    Evilsoup, dat wa, 987 456
    evilSOUP, dat wa, 987     456
    depl, Restinpeace, Colat Iron, 9
    depl, restinpeace

The first two entries equal each other in spite of the abbreviations of the second. The third entry is a Dathomir Water Vapor which is planetary, hence the planet may be omitted; notice that upper or lower case is corrected by SWGAide. The last entries are for a depleted resource, the word "depl, " is prepended to the entry and anything after the resource name is ignored; tips: if possible, re-use the resource class for a new resource.

3 — Back in SWGAide, load notes file

By now you have updated some resources of the notes file and you want to submit them to SWGAide.com.

a — Load from "rem.txt" to populate the main panel with the added and edited resources. All unchanged resources are ignored and are not displayed.

b — Verify the entries for correctness; these are the colors that are used at this panel:

White Valid resource data
Red An error, displayed as-is
Yellow No stats (stats are optional)
Blue Depleted

c — Edit any entry; just click the line to select it and its content populates the fields at the upper panel. Edit the content until it is correct, then click Apply, the secondary form of the upper submit button.

d — To delete an entry (optional) you select a line and right click it, at the popup dialog you select the option to delete the entry. Editing or deleting an entry does not affect the notes file but just the display and what is submitted to SWGAide.com, or not. To undo the edits, just load the notes file again.

e — Reload the notes file to undo any edits or deletions you may have done. Nothing of the above modifies the in-game notes file, hence, press the load-button to load it once again. This also makes it possible to again edit the notes file in-game, for example to add or correct something.

f — Submit all resources by clicking the Submit button at the lower, right-hand side. The process is displayed at SWGAide's status bar and when the entries at the list turns gray; see a later paragraph on similar names.

g — Verify at SWGAide.com that the submission was a success.

Similar resource names — Dialog

To avoid that you submit resources that double those that already are listed at SWGAide.com SWGAide determines how similar the names of your resources are with all other resources. Equal names are already handled but a spelling error is so easily done, either by you or another player. If such names are found SWGAide displays a dialog with some options.

If a resource is similar to many other resources you see a cluster of your resource and those it mimics. Then review all alerts in that cluster before you decide how to proceed.

Both single and clustered resources have two buttons per entry, to send your resource or send a name correction, and you can of course decide to do nothing.

Submit new — press this button to send your resource as is; this is when when SWGAide displays a false alert, your resource and the other resource are not the same ... see below. If your resource is in a cluster, review all alerts before you decide how to proceed.

Submit name — press this button to edit the name of the older resource to the name of your resource; this is when the older resource is correct except for its name - both your and the older resource must be identical except for the names. If the opposite is true, your resource is wrong and the existing is correct, do nothing. If your resource is in a cluster, review all alerts before you decide how to proceed.

Other error types are not handled by this dialog. To edit the stats of a resource you just send it with the correct values and this dialog is never used (assuming that the name is correct). If the resource class is in error, currently SWGAide does not support this edit but you must visit SWGAide. If planets are in error, this must always be reported at the resource forum at SWGAide.

False alarms — the algorithm to determine if names are similar is called the Levenshtein distance; it is quite simple and measures how many edits it takes to change one name to the other, the edits being replace, add, or erase. Thus, it is a fair risk for false alarms every now and then, certainly so for the shorter names. Should SWGAide really test name similarities also against other resource classes? Maybe, maybe not; please report your experience so that we can improve the logic.

Use the 30k resource deed which is a 6 months veteran reward. Per resource class the most recent resource is listed bottommost, which makes it easy to determine if it is a new name or not (rarely the crate displays the name topmost, but just for the session; a bug of some kind). Select a resource and the crate reads its stats at the next screen. After this screen it comes a confirmation screen, hence, those scary moments of the past, while reading the stats, are history.

The resources are written to the in-game notes file in the same order as resource classes are listed in the 30k deed, credits to Rommel. This makes it most convenient to lookup resources while walking through the notes file.


a — This panel supports a black-list for resource classes you never want to manage. In the folder \misc you create a file which must be named "submit_blacklist.txt". Specify resource classes, each at a line by itself, for example:


b — Another option; if you want to manage resources which are not possible to harvest naturally then right click the main panel and select "Allow non-harvestable". These resources can only be obtained by popping a 30k resource crate.

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