SWGAide Help - Resource Class Use

This panel presents you with resource class usage. For a selected profession or schematic this panel displays all resource classes that are called for by name, and all the sub-classes that can be used for such a required resource class. Also the other way around, for a selected resource class this panel displays all schematics in which it can be used.

Schematic data are obtained from SWGAide.com, information that is submitted and updated by players like you and me.

In SWGAide, often a mouse right-click at a GUI element displays a popup dialog with various options and features.

Resource Class Use

This panel contains five elements which are updated when you select one thing or the other. They are a profession chooser, a list of schematics, a weight display, a list of resource classes, and a tree of resource classes. The following text describes them in order of use, not their position.

Profession Chooser:
Select the profession of interest; this updates the list and the tree of resource classes, see details further down. Or select "All" for all resource classes. If you at another element select something that filters the display, press the button next to this chooser, or press Alt-X, to reset to the selected profession and the display.

Notice: resource classes are not listed for schematics with UNKNOWN profession level. That is, if nobody has reported either profession or level to SWGAide.com then SWGAide should not wrongly list resource classes that a profession cannot use.

Resource Classes called for by name:
The center list display all those resource classes which at least one schematic calls for by name. This list displays only the required resource classes, not sub-classes that are possible to use in the place of the class that is called for. Of course, sub-classes which are called for by name are listed. The list is sorted in the same order as the resource classes are usually listed in SWGAide.

As an alert, if a resource class is missing in your resource inventory it is displayed at a colored background.

Required resource class, this is the class that a schematic calls for. For example, if a schematic calls for Metal, then Metal is the required resource class. The schematic's resource slot accepts any kind of metal you have at hand, but Metal is the required resource class and Metal sets the rules for caps and the math for this resource slot while crafting.

Named resource class, this term denotes a resource class that spawns in the worlds. The resource classes of the resources you harvest have specific class names, but a generic resource class denotes a group of several sub-classes which are yet another less generic class or a named class.

Resource Classes... — Popup dialog:

Filter inventory – filters the resource inventory for the selected resource class.

Filter current – filters the table of currently spawning resources for the selected resource class.

Plain guard... – creates a plain guard that alerts whenever the specified resource class spawns. The new guard is named "Any spawn" and it is set to OQ = 1 – such a guard alerts whenever the resource class spawns, no matter the quality. If a similar guard exist you are notified and can abort. Its notes is initiated with a few of the listed schematics.

Quality guard... – opens the usual dialog for creating resource guards and with some values pre-filled. For the selected resource class, if the listed schematics provides for more than one weight-entry SWGAide selects one at random. Hence, you may have to edit the dialog for the schematic of interest. This also means that if the option is selected to disable this option if matching guards exist then this option may wrongly be disabled; first, try to select a schematic to narrow the possibilities, otherwise disable the other option temporarily.

Disable guard menu – select this option to disable guard menus if an identical guard already exist; this is default. This option affects the options for both plain and quality guards; see above for details on a limitation in this feature where it may wrongly disable the option for quality guards.

Write to file – writes the names of required resource classes to file. All resource classes that are displayed at at the center list are written to file; disabled if "All" is selected. The file is named after the selected profession and is put into the "crafting" folder, for example

Resource Class Tree:
To the right is a tree of resource classes which displays not only those classes which are called for by name but also all the sub-classes that the can be used for a required class. Blue text denotes required resource classes.

Resource Class Tree — Popup dialog:

Filter inventory – filters the resource inventory for the selected resource class.

Filter current – filters the table of currently spawning resources for the selected resource class.

More schematics – toggles an option to display schematics that can use a selected resource class, rather than just the schematics that call for a selected resource class by name. Even if this option is turned off (default) you can see which resource classes that can be used, those under any blue node. With this option on, when you select a non-blue node the closest named resource class is selected at the center list.

Collapse/Expand tree – toggles an option to limit the size of the resource class tree for the current session. This just affects the visual display and does not affect any logic.

The left-hand list displays a list of schematics.
Select a resource class at the center list or at the tree to populate this list with those schematics that call for the selected resource class by name.

Select a schematic at this list to display only those resource classes that the schematic calls for by name. This updates the list and the tree of resource classes. This also updates the field for experimental weights; a schematic which is tagged as low-quality reads "n/a", otherwise its experimental weights are displayed.

Schematics — Popup dialog:

Select schematic – use this option to select the current schematic at other GUI panels as a convenience. This overrides but does not modify possible filters that would hinder the display. If Always select at the Options menu is enabled there is no need to invoke this option.

Only HQ/LQ or All – select one of the options to filter the list of schematics that are displayed for a selected resource class, default is "All". This option is for the current session, and it affects only the list of schematics. Notice that as LQ counts any schematic that is tagged as LQ or is without experimenting properties, otherwise, if its quality level is HQ, mixed, or unknown it counts as HQ.

Experimental Weights:
Bottom left is an element that displays the variations of experimental weights for the selected schematic. They are listed in the order they are read at a schematic, not by any other preference such as order of importance.

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