SWGAide Help - Resource Inventory

The panel named "Inventory" displays a list of resources in stock for the assignees at the current galaxy. It is possible to filter the list on an assignee, resource class, or stats.

Resource name: this column reads in three fashions:

  • Plain name; the origin of the resource is known, the current galaxy.
  • The name preceded by a bracketed "foreign" galaxy name; the origin of the resource is known, the specified galaxy, for example (Ahazi)Gaia.
  • The name is preceded by a bracketed question mark; the origin of the resource is unknown, you'd better specify the galaxy promptly.

The two columns "Amount" and "Notes" can always be edited directly at the table, just double click the table cell. Some other values are edited at the edit dialog. Currently stats for knownresources cannot be edited in SWGAide but only at SWGAide.com, then "edit" the resource in SWGAide and click "Lookup" and verify that SWGAide obtains the new stats.

The column named "Rate" shows the rating for resources while using the filters at the bottom of this panel. The rating is either based on the specified experimental weights, or a general average. The rating is always relative to the caps of the resource class which is selected at the drop down list.

Assignee: default is "All". All characters found at the current galaxy are listed, this includes all stations found at the computers hard disk. You can also define your own assignees.

Add: define a custom assignee to which resources can be assigned
Delete: remove a custom assignee; if the assignee owns resources they are relocated to "All"

Resource class: filter by class

Stats: filters by minimum values, or experimental values such as CD=50 and OQ=50 so that the sum is 100 or close to it. These filters work as the filters at the table of current resources which are explained in that help text.

However, one difference is that these filters displays all resources which meet at least one stat of the filter as if "Calc no-stat" is always selected. Another difference is that minimum values are not filtered relative caps.

Popup dialog options at the main table:

Schematics viewer – select a resource and open a window that gives a quick display of the quality of the resource versus schematics that can use it. The viewer has its own help text, press F1 when it has focus.

Select schematic use – select a resource class and also have it selected at Schematics: Resource Class Use. At that panel you can see which schematics that calls for the resource class by name, or which schematics that may use it. If the resource class is not a named resource class it is still selected at the right-most tree but one the middle list displays the first super-class that is a named resource class.

Create/Edit dialog: Type a resource name, or the first few letters, and click Lookup which requests the resource data from SWGAide.com. If the resource is found all stats are automatically entered, otherwise you must enter them manually. If many resources are found for the entered letters, select one of them at the drop down list. Specify the amount you have of that resource. Select an assignee at the drop down list. Optionally add a note.

Manage ⇒ Find duplicates – display all duplicate entries at the main table. If no duplicates exist this option is disabled.

Manage ⇒ Merge duplicates to NN – select a resource entry and select this option to merge all duplicates to the assignee of the selected entry. If no entry is selected the target is assumed as "All". If the target does not own a duplicate resource a new entry is added, otherwise the amount is adjusted for the existing entry; if several duplicates exist the amount of each is added to the entry of the target. If no duplicates exist this option is disabled.

Manage ⇒ Move from NN... – optionally filter the display, select a resource entry, and select this option for another dialog at which you select a target assignee. The selected resource entry determines the from-assignee; all visible resource entries owned by this assignee are moved to the selected target, hence filters for assignee, resource classes, or resource stats apply. If the target already owns a resource its amount is updated.

Create guard: select a resource entry and create a guard which has its values preset based on the selected resource. Erase any unwanted values and save the guard. This option creates a plain guard unless you edit the values to become a weighed guard. See help text at page Current Resources, Guards for information on guards.

Creature harvesting – select a creature resource class and this option displays two sub-options:
Harvested from... which displays a dialog that lists the creatures that the class may be harvested from, if any. Egg and Seafood are not supported because they are harvested wherever.
Browse SWGPets.com which opens your web browser for the selected resource class. Notice that for generic resource classes SWGPets displays all creatures.

Notes import/update... import from an in-game notes file for the character who is selected at the Main panel; this option is also used to update existing entries in inventory. In-game, type minimal information to a notes file and import the notes. For each entry SWGAide either adds, updates, or ignores the resource (for "update", see below on how to specify amount):

— If the import is not an "update" and if the selected character does not own the resource it is added as an entry for the character. If necessary SWGAide tries to look it up at SWGAide.com, using the specified name + current or specified galaxy; if it is unknown at SWGAide it is disregarded and displayed at a final dialog.

— If the import is an "update" SWGAide does its best to update the entry for the proper assignee, but remember that it imports/updates for the selected character.

  1. if the a previous entry does not exist it is added to the selected character
  2. else if the selected character owns an entry of the resource it is updated
  3. else if one previous entry exists it is updated no matter the owner
  4. else an undefined entry is updated no matter the owner

This notes file must only contain lines for the resources, you'd better dedicate a file only for this purpose. It must have the following syntax:

(galaxy)resourceName,amount,optional notes

If no galaxy is specified SWGAide assumes the current galaxy (galaxy can be abbreviated). Amount and notes are optional. However, amount accepts special signs that may update but not replacean existing entry in the inventory, these signs for amount are =, +, or - :

  • = the equal sign, replace the amount in the old entry
  • + the plus sign, add the amount in the notes file to the old entry
  • - the minus sign, subtract the amount in the notes file from the old entry

If the resource does not exist in the inventory for the selected character the signs have no effect but the entry in the file is added to the inventory. Examples with names that conveys the idea:

(Ahazi)Importedwood, 950000, bulk wood
Newfrommygalaxy, +225000, here + = or nothing is the same
Boughtmore, +250000, add 250k to what I have
rectifyinventory, =1000000, rectify inventory
drainedinfactory, -75000, used 75k in factory

Limitation – the misc-notes part are not updated for existing entries, just the amount.

Notes export... writes the current display to an in-game notes file. You are prompted to select an existing notes file and to that file is written all the resources which meet the current filters, or all entries if no filter is applied. The output format equals the format for importing from notes file, hence you can edit the amount, see the above options, and add new entries.

Limitation – for each entry this option writes only the first line of the misc-notes, if any. This is because multi-line notes is not supported for the in-game notes file, only while exporting/importing from file. Also, the notes are not updated for existing entries, just the amount (if you are using the signs + - or = as is described above).

Galaxy copy: select a galaxy to which to copy the current resource inventory; only galaxies that are visible at the Main view are listed. Then this feature copies to an assignee that is named as the current galaxy so that you can find the copied the easier. Switch to that galaxy to edit, merge and/or delete resources. Notice: If the target assignee already owns a certain resource that entry is not modified, but if any other assignee owns that resource it exists as two entries, one for each assignee.

Delete all: remove all resources from the inventory. This option removes only the visible entries, that is, if the view is filtered by an assignee then only resources for that assignee are removed. This is true for any combination of the filters.

Delete entry: remove the selected entry from the inventory.

Galaxy-Transfered Resources

SWGAide's displays resource names exactly as in SWG; that is, a resource that originates from the current galaxy just reads its plain name, but the name of a galaxy-transferred resource reads the galaxy and the resource name, such as "(Ahazi)Longago".

See below for how export to file works, you may need to adjust resource names in the file when you transfer from one galaxy to the other, or you simply use the option for "Galaxy copy".

Resources of unknown origin is firmly advised against and you better correct this promptly. The Edit dialog does not support unknown galaxies in an attempt to avoid mishaps. How to fix this the easiest way then? The best way is to properly add the resource at SWGAide.com (there is a special web page to submit old resources) and then create an entry as usual. Or...

  1. Export the inventory to file, no filter applied
  2. Make a backup copy of the file
  3. Open the file in any text editor
  4. Replace all question marks with the correct galaxy name (or its abbreviation)
  5. Verify that all resources are assigned to their appropriate galaxy
  6. Save the file as text file
  7. In SWGAide, delete the inventory, all of it
  8. Import the edited file

When SWGAide imports from file several things can happen:

  • If a galaxy name or abbreviation is found SWGAide tries the specified galaxy as the origin for the resource.
  • If galaxy reads (?) SWGAide prompts you to select between some options to correct the situation.
    NOTE: at this point you cannot specify a galaxy other than the current galaxy, or skip that line.
  • Finally, if no galaxy is specified SWGAide does not assume anything but will set the origin of the resource to "unknown galaxy", that is (?)

However, when SWGAide imports from notes file and no galaxy is specified there is an important difference from the above, then SWGAide assumes the current galaxy as the origin. Thus, when you write the in-game notes file, type the resource name exactly as it reads at the in-game examine screen, galaxy name included just if there is any.

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