SWGAide Help: Resource used-by Schematics Viewer

For a particular resource this viewer quickly displays its quality rate for all schematics that can use it. For these schematics it also lists any competing resources. Option LQ determines if also LQ schematics that call for a named resource class that matches the particular resource.

With this viewer you quickly scan through your inventory to review the quality of each resource versus schematics and versus other resources; it may match several schematics but should it be put aside as a "best//only-choice"? Or if you have loads of better resources on stock, easily sift out inferior stuff. You can also quickly scan through new resources to see if they are useful for HQ schematics.

The option "LQ" determines if also LQ schematics that call for a named resource class are displayed, that is if it matches the particular resource. This way you quickly see if a certain resource might have another use.

This viewer does not replace the Schematics ⇒ Today's Alert or The Laboratory. The former displays only resources that are in-spawn and filters resources versus inventory; and the latter displays best matching resources, schematics browsed one by one. This viewer is a mix of the two, quick, and light weight.

Resource and schematics data are chiefly obtained from swgaide.com. When you find anything to add, complement, or correct, post a message at http://swgaide.com/forum/ — the better support we provide the better quality.

In SWGAide, often a mouse right-click at a GUI element displays a popup dialog with various options and features.

Notice 1 – this viewer can be kept open and when you select other resources it updates accordingly. If you switch main window you must "re-open" this viewer at the new window.

Notice 2 – neither the list of schematics nor competing resources display creature resources if the schematics call for Organic; it is easier to harvest Flora than to hunt and harvest bazillions of creatures for the same crop.

Schematics Table

Select and right-click a resource at one of those panels that are using this viewer, select "Schematics Viewer". The left-hand table displays the quality of the resource for all schematics that can use it, but only if the quality of the resource is better than Great, Good, or Fair.

In this context "can use" means that the resource fits one or several resource slots of the listed schematics, either its resource class is called for by name or it is a proper sub-class. The quality rates are based on the resource classes that the schematics call for.

For LQ schematics the resource class of the resource does match a resource class called for by the listed schematics. These schematics are displayed at a light cyan color and they have no quality rating.

Schematics are ordered/sorted in this way:
– grouped by resource classes that pertain to the schematic, from specific to more generic
– within a group, by quality rate of the resource versus the schematic.
To easily determine the groups of resource classes they are displayed at a colored background: white denotes schematics that call for a resource class that equals the resource you selected; blue shades denote more generic resource classes that the schematics call for, the darker the shade the more generic. The background of the Rate column is determined by the quality rate using the limits and colors you define at Current Resources ⇒ Display Options.

If the resource can be used in several resource slots of a schematic the quality rate is based on the best matching resource slot. For example, if the specified resource is a Codoan Copper and a listed schematic is "SG82 Rifle" then it is the resource slot for Codoan Copper that gives the rate for the rifle, not the slot for Non-Ferrous Metal. This is because caps for SR is 539 for Codoan but 900 for Non-Ferrous, with an accordingly bad result for that slot.

Schematics Table — Options and Popup menu:

Min Rate – set the minimum limit for the quality rate of the resource versus a schematic; select either Great, Good, or Fair — the default limit is Great. Values and colors for Fair/Good/Great are adjusted at Current Resources ⇒ Display Options.
Notice that the rate is for the resource on its own and it should just be understood just as a hint. The rate is not what is known as Weighed Average Rate (WAR) — the difference is detailed in the Beginner's Guide for Traders, chapter "Power Crafting".

LQ – include LQ schematics that call for a named resource class when it matches the particular resource. These schematics are listed at cyan background and they have no quality rating.

Select schematic – use this option to select a particular schematic at the Schematics panels so it displays when you browse to these panels.

Table of Competing Resources

Select a schematic and the right-hand table populates with resources that compete with the original resource, if any. Just above the table is displayed the experimental property that pertains to the rate for the resources: resource class and weights for stats.

The resources are either in-spawn or from your resource inventory. Inventory-resources on tinted background and the original resource in bold. All of these resources are rated better than Min Rate and sort order is determined by their quality versus the selected schematic.

If only one schematic is displayed the table of competing resources is populated automatically; this is also true if all listed schematics call for the same resource class and use the very same stats and weights.

Table of Competing Resources — Popup menu:

Filter inventory – filters and sorts the resource inventory for the resource class and the experimental weights which pertain to the selected schematic.

Filter current – filters table of currently spawning resources for the resource class and the experimental weights which pertain to the selected schematic.

Add monitor – select a resource and create a monitor for it with the name of the selected schematic as notes.

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