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This section of SWGAide collates and displays information that are gathered from a character's auction mails. These relate to sales and buys via Bazaar terminals and vendors Many features at the Trade panels are inspired by Merchant's Friend, hence: "With sincere courtesy to Illiya Darklight of Valcyn, creator of MF".

You must first execute the in-game command /mailsave to populate this display. Also, if you archive auction mails they will not display at these panels, but you can view them temporarily, or you can restore them. However, SWGAide saves some basic data on sales in its DAT file, hence sales information is around also if you move SWGAide to another computer.

Players have suggested that SWGAide should support sales and buys that are done via trading between characters. Only one problem exists, the character must send a mail to self that is formatted so that SWGAide understands it; any tiny mistake and the mail is just treated as any other mail sent to self. Post your suggestions at either our forum, or our discord..

Tips: archive mails every year because the more mails you have around the longer it takes for SWGAide to launch (file-handling is slow in any operating system); select to "Copy mails" via mails panel » Options » Mail options and this way you always have mails within SWGAide's folders.

Sales tab:
This panel displays your sales one by one and presents you with filtering options. See other tabs for statistics and other features.

Sales — Menu items:
Options for this table are found as items at the File and Edit menus:

Save » Save as... – save auction mails to file; the CSV file format is supported by any modern spread-sheet application.

Edit » Archive – move all auction mails for the current character to within SWGAide's "mails" folder, sorted per year. These mails are no longer displayed anywhere in SWGAide but they can be restored.

Edit » Restore Archive – open a dialog that displays existing archives for the current character sorted on year, select an archive and restore all auction mails.

Edit » View Archive – open a dialog that displays existing archives for the current character sorted on year, select an archive to view all auction mails; this does not restore them.

Edit » Reload – after "view archive" you reload current auction mails for the current character; this equals switching to another character and view his auction mails.

Edit » Import... – use the file-dialog and navigate to a folder where you have SWG mails and import all auction mails for the current character; this moves auction mails sent from the current galaxy to within SWGAide's "mails" folder.

Because mails do not read their recipient all mails for the current galaxy are imported, no matter the original recipient. Some older utilities mixed auction mails for all characters in one folder per galaxy, perhaps you want to manually sort them before importing them.

Sales — Filters:
At the bottommost text fields you filter for text in the corresponding columns. You can also click a table cell at the table to filter for that value.

Prices can be filtered on exact price, a range, less than, or greater than. For the latter two, use < (less than) or > (greater than); mathematically speaking the correct signs are and but < and > are a lot easier to find at any keyboard.
< 1234 Any price less than or equal to 1234
> 5678 Any price equal to or greater than 5678
1234 − 5678 Any price between 1234 and 5678, the limits included

This table displays all items that the current character has bought from Bazaar Terminals and vendors, and the grand total.

This panel contains two larger tables which both displays statistics that relates to the current character: one table displays all buyers, and the other table all items that are sold. To the right these numbers are summarized as grand totals and over vendors.

This panel displays customers for the current character; the lower area has options for filtering. The two lists are formatted for convenient copy & paste into the TO: field of in-game mails. Remember to split lengthy lists because SWG disallows too many recipients per mail.

Customers — Options:
These options helps you filter the upper list of customers in a few ways:

Min visits – filter on the minimum number of visits a customer must have visited your vendors.

Min credits – filter on the minimum amount of credits a customer must have spent at all of your vendors.

Recent days – filter on number of days from today.

New-comers – filter for only those customers who have never visited your vendors before; may be used together with next option.

Since ... – filter for only those customers who have visited your vendors since last time you used Save.

Save – save a milestone for the "Since..." option; this saves the upper list of customers and the current date.

Clear – reset filters and updates the lower customer list.

Misc Panel

The general help for the trade section is available while browsing the other tabs under the "Trade" tab.

The mapping "price to item name" is a special treat for the advanced Trader.

  • Add: Select the bottommost empty cells with a "price" and a fancy item name.
  • Edit: Click a cell and edit the content.
  • Delete: Select a line and press Delete at the keyboard or at the menu Edit.

The table expands itself for each new price/name pair you add to it.

The table auto-saves when you switch character and when the application exits, or you can use Save at the menu File, or Ctrl-S.

Only "blank" item names are affected and then only for display. For any blank name SWGAide tries to look up a mapping and if a name is found for the "price" it is displayed in blue color. SWGAide looks at the three rightmost digits of the price and tries to find an item name mapped for those digits. Hence, "23" is really read as "023" and does not equal "123". Similarly the price "1234" also equals "9234" as the three rightmost digits are equal, namely "234".

Shared mapping: Deselect this option to have individual mappings for each Trader, or for some Traders. However, many players probably prefer just one set of mappings for all their Traders. The option is per character, perhaps you want to have only one or a few Traders using individual mappings while others share a global mapping.

NOTE: if you make a character go from individual mapping to "Shared mapping" the individual mappings are preserved by adding them to the global mapping. Thus, you may want to edit the mappings before the change.

Tip: Begin with creating the shared mappings, but only them, and save. Now deselect the option "Shared mapping" for the Traders you want to treat individually, add the special price/item-name pairs for them, and save.

Map always: Make existing price/name pairs overrule names also for items with names. This is useful, for example, while selling items such as "An incubated egg" (a static name) but you want to know which of several eggs that was sold, or any other item with equal names but different stats. Simply price them differently. This option is global for all Traders, on or off.

Background: Many players prefer to have blank names on items for furnishing, not to clutter their home with a lot of text. To meet their needs you name the items with a couple of blank spaces. This is no problem as long as you only do this for special orders, right?

Some Traders have made it their business niche to provide blank named items. But then, from the auction mails how do they know what is sold and what not when the mails do not read the item names? However, clever players begun to price their items in a way that they know what item is sold; they manually maintained a piece of paper with prices mapped to item names. This special treat saves them the hassle.

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