SWGAide Help - Manage Assignees and Favorites

This dialog provides the options to define and delete assignees, and to add and remove favorite schematics from the assignees. The dialog contains a number of elements for this and their use is explained below. However, first a quick review of assignees and the list of favorite schematic, and also a reminder that this dialog is not about schematics inventory.

An assignee is a place holder, an alias, a name for whatever purpose. At the resource section you define one or several assignees for resource inventory. For schematics you define one or several assignees for one or several lists of favorite schematics, and soon also for schematics inventory. There is no requirement to define several assignees, it all depends on your wish for a finer granularity for the lists you create: several small lists or one or a few large lists.

A schematics assignee can have one list of favorite schematics. You either want to create an assignee with a large list for one profession, let us say Weaponsmith, or you break it down with an assignee for all weapon schematics and another assignee for all quality components. Would you think that you need an even finer granularity, yeah, why not?

The other way around, a schematic can be listed for several assignees and one assignee does not know of the other.

Schematics and Profession:
The left-hand list displays all schematics in SWG. To filter the list, select a profession at the drop-down list at the top of the middle section of the dialog.

The right-hand list displays all favorite schematics for a selected assignee.

The center list displays all assignees. Select an assignee to list its favorite schematics, or to add to or remove from the list of favorites, or to delete or rename the assignee.

Define an assignee:
There are two ways to define an assignee:
— at this dialog, at the text field at the bottom of the middle section, enter a unique name or text, and hit Enter at the keyboard,
— at the Draft Schematics panel, select and right-click at a schematic and select "Add to favorite..." and define a new assignee or select an existing at the small dialog. For more information, see the help text for the Draft Schematics panel.

Remove an assignee:
Select an assignee at the dialog's middle list, right-click it for a popup dialog, select the option "Delete assignee...", and confirm. If the assignee has some content, for example favorite schematics, you are prompted with special warning dialogs.

Rename an assignee:
The popup dialog just mentioned also has an option to rename an assignee. Just enter a unique text or name and continue.

Add / Remove:
These buttons allow you to add and remove schematics to and from the favorite list for the selected assignee. Or simply double-click a schematic to add it to the favorites, or double-click a favorite to remove it.

Remember, you can easily browse and add to favorites at the Draft Schematics panel, either one by one or those that are contained under a category.

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